Heritage Harbour Health Group

The primary mission of the Heritage Harbour Health Group (HHHG) is to assist with the medical and non-medical needs of its members, to enable them to remain in their homes for as long as they wish and are able. We represent an original concept for providing home health care.

We are a privately-run, non-profit, charitable organization, founded in 1990 exclusively for the residents of Heritage Harbour. HHHG donations can be made in lieu of flowers, in honor of a birthday/marriage, in memory of a loved one, in celebration of an anniversary, or as a general gift donation.

We are governed by a volunteer, all-resident Board of Directors. Our day-to-day functions are guided by an Executive Director/R.N., assisted by a clerical and professional nursing staff.

We are a dues-paying operation. Membership is $125 annually.



Specifically, a wide range of benefits is available for members of HHHG, including:

  • Registerted Nurse on call 24 hours a day by phone
  • R.N.consults/skilled treatments
  • Blood Pressure Clinic
  • Case management
  • Annual Health Fair
  • Medical and professional programs and seminars
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Notary Public services
  • Medical/insurance claims assistance
  • Information library
  • Bereavement Group
  • Medical equipment loans
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Equipment Closet- If you would like to borrow or donate to the equipment closet please contact Catherine Quade, Ellen Cochran, or Edythe Coven.

If you require a nurse either after office hours, or over the weekend, call 410 223 5683. Tell the answering service to page the nurse on call. If you have not received a call within 30 minutes, please call the answering service back and remind them you must speak with a nurse; they should re-page the nurse.



Hours of Operation


Monday through Friday

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Blood Pressure Clinic

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon

Nurse on Call

7 Days a Week

24 hours


Contact Information

Heritage Harbour Health Group Inc

801 Compass Way, Suite 5

Annapolis MD 21401

Phone 410-224-5683

Fax 410-224-3999

E-mail LLawrence@hhhg.org

What can the Health Group do for me?

HHHG provides access to a registered nurse 24-hours a day simply by calling 410-224-5683. Also available are case management services and a full array of medical and non-medical resources right in the Heritage Harbour Community. These services include:

  • Registered Nurse 24 hours a day by phone
  • R.N. Consults/ Skilled Treatments
  • Blood Pressure Clinic: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:30 a.m.— noon
  • Case Management - please call the HHHG office for more details.
  • Annual Health Fair
  • Medical and Professional Programs and Seminars
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Notary Public Services
  • Medical/Insurance Claims Assistance
  • Information Library
  • Bereavement Group
  • Medical Equipment Closet
  • Transportation to medical appointments


Are my contributions tax deductible?

Yes. HHHG is a nonprofit charitable 501 ( c) 3 organization. All donations are recognized by a letter from the Health Group which includes the appropriate tax identification number.

What is Case Management?

Case Management is the process of consulting, assessing, planning, implementing and monitoring a member’s progress in the home. The skilled nurses of HHHG take time to talk to patient, family members and professionals at hospital, nursing home, etc. in order to put together a care plan and hire caregivers who are best able to meet our members needs.

Case Management exists to help people with medical and non-medical needs while staying in their homes. For detailed information, please call the HHHG office and ask to speak with a nurse: 410-224-5683.

When is the Blood Pressure Clinic?

The Blood Pressure Clinic is open every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30 a.m. to noon. Blood Pressure is taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

 How could younger, healthy men and women in HHHG benefit from membership in the Heritage Harbour Health Group?

A suggested new service is to provide consultation to members whose parents or other relatives reside outside of Heritage Harbour. We will not be providing care out of the community, but we know the Annapolis and greater community resources and could give valuable guidance regarding Case Management to adult children who may be overwhelmed and confused. For those members whose loved ones live at a great distance, our consultative services would still be very helpful, as we could offer direction and support.

What charges are incurred for members who require skilled nurse services?

No costs are incurred with HHHG, when a person requires skilled nursing services and is under doctor’s orders. Home Care agencies, (Gentiva, Visiting Nurses, Community Healthcare), are in place to administer home care services for a limited time, under Medicare and other insurances. Home Health Aides are available in limited time frames when a nurse or physical therapist is currently providing care. Should a paid member need a nursing visit from HHHG during this time it is available at no cost as a benefit of membership. If a member does not qualify for home care, but needs a nurse’s care, i.e. (injections, diabetic teaching, short-term dressing changes or skilled observation,) RN’s are available from HHHG at no cost for a period of time. If the condition becomes chronic, a wound refuses to heal, etc., a small fee may be assessed per nursing visit. Tax deductions are not applicable when a service is being provided.

 How do services offered by another health care company in the community differ from HHHG?

Options for Seniors, is a pay for services provider of custodial services located in the Shopping Center in HH. Their routine charge is $18 per hour, $12 of which is paid to the aide, while $6 goes to the agency. If a client contracts for 8 hours a day, Mon-Fri, one has paid the agency $240 in administrative fees for just one week. That obviously continues for the length of the care plan. Contrast that with HHHG’s $210, one-time set-up cost, $13 to our aides and I believe you may be able to see the immediate savings. Thereafter, our monthly maintenance charge amounts to about $3 a day, and one has the registered nurse availability and follow-up, plus 24 hour answering service. And, we are currently waiving the $210 charge for men and women with five or more continuous years of membership.

What are advantages of 24 hour answering service vs. AAMC Ask-A-Nurse?

HHHG has a 24 hour answering service. Members may speak to a registered nurse, whom they likely know and who is familiar with them, and receive advice or services as part of membership. Monday through Friday during operating hours (8:30 am till 4:30 pm), a skilled nurse is available to see members in the office or make a home visit as needed at NO COST. In addition, the HHHG nurses and staff will follow up with you via phone calls and/or further visits. This is not a feature of AAMC’s Ask-a-Nurse. We consider Ask-a-Nurse as a valuable, additional community resource.

What are the advantages of HHHG vs. Department of Aging?

Advantages of membership in HHHG over just relying on the Department of Aging are many. The HHHG list of services included in this newsletter details these. Major among them is the presence of an office right in HH, with personal, face-to-face communication with a registered nurse; a Medicare claims specialist, a notary public and emergency care services. Make no mistake, many members and even non-members have been helped in threatening health care emergencies by the presence and expertise of HHHG’s nurses. Case management services are planned and carried out with efficiency and professional supervision. The Department of Aging is another valuable, additional resource. HHHG staff enjoys very cordial relations with the experienced and cooperative employees of that government agency. But, please note, there is nothing like having a nurse, virtually in your back yard, when you are in trouble. When you use The Department of Aging, you do the work. When you are a member of HHHG; we do the work for you and stand behind our arrangements.

What are benefits to healthy person in Heritage Harbour of belonging to HHHG?

The Heritage Harbour Health Group provides insurance against health care emergencies, and stands behind the care it offers. Not a one of us would pass on fire, car, flood or catastrophic health care insurances. Why then would healthy adults ignore the benefits of a nursing model of care available in their own neighborhood. The HHHG was conceived and developed by community-minded, far-sighted residents interested in ensuring the well-being of themselves and their neighborhoods for decades to come. Why, it would seem that they would be proud to be part of such a community, and consider it their civic duty to belong to and to support such a unique resource. Just in case healthy adults need more reasons to belong, HHHG in 1991, reached out to greater Annapolis medical offices, to the hospital and to local businesses and health care personnel and invited them to participate in a yearly, day long Health Fair. That is our gift to you, year after year in September. As well, monthly programs of health and other relevant subjects are presented. WE INVITE ALL OF THE RESIDENT BABY BOOMERS TO JOIN HHHG. WE FEEL CERTAIN THAT WHEN YOU ARE AQUAINTED WITH THE BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP, YOU WILL WANT TO BECOME MEMBERS.

Can membership dues be paid semi-annually if necessary?

The Heritage Harbour Health Group is pleased to offer the option of semi-annual 0payment of member dues. Dues are currently $125. per person per year. By arranging with the Office Manager, Susan Hardesty, billing can be adjusted.

Are HHHG financial reports available?

Financial statements are available upon request.